Use Case Studies to Connect with Your Audiences

By | September 8, 2016

case studiesWhether someone is marketing data storage service, self-help courses, business coaching or business advice, case studies go a long way to help prove a concept and create news, satisfied customers.

This,ironically, will produce more case studies. The whole concept of case studies is self-perpetuating and they can go continuously if you want them to.

Here are the Advantages of Using Case Studies

The good things about case studies are that they’re customer focused, tell a story, and prove the success of your concept, product or service.

Customer Focused

Each Story is told from the customer’s perspective and not from the business owner’s perspective. It really goes far in using the marketing concept of benefits over features in a way only a customer can do.

Tell a Realistic Story

Since you get the information from a real customer, the story is true, realistic, and factual. Don’t ever makeup case studies. It’s best to use real live people to help you with creating a case study.

Provide Proof of Success

When other people see a case study about a product or service, they’re much more likely to try it because they can see the results someone else had.

This is why weight loss programs like to show before and after shots.

Case studies come in different formats such as blog posts, PDFs, eBooks, infographics, videos, podcasts, and articles. What’s more, you don’t have to have them in only one format.

You can provide a case study in many formats so that your customers and potential customers can view it or listen to it.

How to Collect Case Studies

Interview Your Clients

Each time you’ve satisfied a customer, send them an invite to interview them about their experience using your product or service.

You can also invite your customers to submit their own videos answering a particular question about your product or service that you can use as a case study.

Send Clients a Survey

Create a survey using to ask clients and customers about their experience using your product and/or services.

Ask everyone the same question so that you can show that “9 out of 10 users had results” using your product.

Host Webinars and/or In-Person Events

A great way to collect stories to share with others is to host a webinar, round table, or an in-person event just for your clients.

They’ll feel comfortable sharing, and you can record the event for use in marketing later. You must have the customer’s permission before you can use it.

Using case studies on a regular basis is a great idea to beef up your content on your website, in your eBooks and other marketing material that you create.

Everyone loves a success story, and people love to share their achievements. It will help you create even more success since success feeds on success.

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