Three Time Management Tips to Follow When Working From Home

By | July 5, 2016

time managementThe toughest things for any of us to do is time management. When you work from home, this task gets even more daunting.

It’s All Relative

Time passes at the same rate day in and day out but the perception of it is vastly different from event to event. When we are engrossed in an activity, two hours can pass like 20 minutes.

On the other hand, a difficult task can take an hour and feel like you spent three on it. Because of the relativity, it can be hard to gauge how much time you re actually spending on an activity.

Clocks work but can be more of a hindrance. Like a watched pot never boils, a watched clock doesn’t seem to tick off the time.

It takes compromise to get it all done and with a modicum of success each day. Just finishing your list of important tasks can be a blow for freedom.

Be Realistic

When there are small kids at home and a household to run, time won’t flow as smoothly as it might have if you were miles away in an office building.

Certain allowances need to be made achieve the balance you need and business success you seek. This might mean shortening the blocks of time in which you work and lengthening the time spent on other tasks. If it result I more getting done, the it’s all good.

Here are three time management tips to follow when working form home:

Remember that all households are different. What works best for your family might be disastrous for another. With that in mind, these tips are valuable but also general to fit into any dynamic.

Tip #1: Start With a Plan

Spend the last 30 minutes of each day planning for the next day. If yo plan to work six hours a day at your business, decide on the most important tasks that need to be completed and concentrate on those.

Understand that there will be interruptions (if there are small kids) so work around them accordingly. When there is a goal in mind, you are better able to track your progress.

Tip #2: Schedule Time Wasters

What are we talking about here?

Some activities an start out well but turn into sinkholes – checking emails, updating social media pages and handling administrative tasks.

Assign time throughout the day for each. Any emails that come in after that will have to wait for the next allocated time slot.

Tips #3: Keep Set Hours

This doesn’t mean that business is open from 9 to 5. If the goal is six hours of work each day, once that time is reached, knock off until tomorrow.

This isn’t straight time all the time. It might be 20 minutes or an hour early in the morning while everyone I asleep or the odd hours or so around bedtime when the kids are asleep.

The key to time management is to understand how it flows in your life.

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