List Building: Why You Need to Build an Email List

By | July 6, 2016

list buildingList building is one of the best ways to help you generate subscribers, leads, and customers for your home based business

People that are new to the online marketing may not have the tools, knowledge and resources to build an effective email list.  However, that should not keep you from building a list.

In the end, the more effort and time you put into your marketing plan, the sooner you should see results.

People that interested in building a list, I’m going to tell you what is list building and benefits of building an email list.

Let me ask you this question, what is list building?

List building is the process of building an email list of responsive leads who you can readily convert the end users through the sales funnel.

To be effective with your email marketing, you need to make sure that there is quality and value to the email that you collected.

You should be able to send an email and generate some response from your list, whether the response is inquiring for additional information or making a purchase from a discount code.

Now that you know what email list building is the next line of inquiry is the data? 

After all, how do you know list building is a solid endeavor to undertake, compare to other marketing tools?

Email Marketing Will Generates Sales For Your Business

The reason email marketing is relevant in today’s marketing is that is generating sales for the business owners. 

Here an example, there is a study recently that during the past Black Friday, 25% of sales generate using email marketing.

That is to say, if you send your emails at the right time to the right customer on your list, then you may stand to convert your leads into paying customers.

Emails is more targeted

In order for people to subscribe to your newsletter, a person has to go through a double opt-in process.  This means they are interested in receive emails from you.

As you know what their likes are, you can send them highly relevant content and offers.  This audience is far more likely to click through your offers and buy products/services from you.

You can reach more people with email marketing

Social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook is very popular but not every people are using them. 

As you are aware, almost every person has an email account.  And almost every day people read their emails or at least scan through their inbox. 

In case of social media sites, people are following or are members of hundreds of groups or communities.  There are good chances that they will miss your message.

Email is more personal

Email is one to one and personal.  This is a personal way of communication which allows you to reach the user’s inbox.

Many people prefer to ask questions in private rather in the timeline.  As the communication is direct with the user, it creates interest and helps them to make the right decision.

It will help them to build relationship over the period of time and develop a trust in your brand and hence spreading the word of mouth.

Email has 100% access

Preparing your own email list allows you to have your own email database.  Unlike email, you don’t have much control over when using social media. 

For this reason, these social media sites change their user settings, or for any reason you lose your account, you will have no way you communicate with them.

Email is inexpensive to use

Compared to other types of marketing strategies, email marketing is inexpensive to use.  You actually pay nothing to promote to someone’s inbox and grab their attention for your products or services.

It is clearly visible that email marketing works much better than any other types of online marketing tools.

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars in your marketing campaign.  Just focus on building a targeted list and not buying or renting a list from a database. 

You can easily use your email list to promote your products & services and achieve better results.

Every marketer works hard to bring targeted traffic to their site.  But if you are not offering any way for them to sign-up, then you lose out on the real impact of that traffic.

So you need to make sure you provide an attractive and clear sign up form to capture your leads. 

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