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Monetize Your Blog – Ten Ways to Make Money from Your Blog

You’ve started your blog, you’re starting to get some traffic, and now you must learn how to monetize your blog. In order to have a real business, you have to bring in some income for your blog. Thankfully, there are many ways in which you can monetize your blog to start generating income. Here are 10 ways to… Read More »

How To Write Attention Grabbing Website Content Title

The most important part of your website content is your title. If you don’t grab your reader’s attention with the title and get them to actually read the post, nothing you write inside the post matters. It doesn’t matter how great and helpful your content is. It doesn’t matter what offer you have or affiliate links you have… Read More »

Blogging Tip: How Long Should Your Website Content Be?

Every couple of months, we get some new advice from a blogger guru saying that the blog posts need to be longer, shorter or it should be broken up into bite-sized chunks. It can drive you crazy. Let’ talk about this. How long should your website content be? It would be great if there was a magic number… Read More »

Blog with Integrity – Building an Online Business You Can Be Proud Of

There is a movement to Blog with Integrity which is a basic standard bloggers should follow. You can learn more at where most of this list was found. You can even grab a badge for your own blog after signing the pledge. Signing the pledge link – Here is blog with integrity tips to follow: Be Honest… Read More »

Blogging Tip: What’s The Goal Of Your Blog Post?

Before you sit down and write your next blog post, stop and think about what you want to accomplish with your blog post. What’s your goal? How is this blog post going to help you accomplish something to help you move forward with your home business. Each one of these questions below pertains to some very valid goals… Read More »

Setting Up Your First Blog

Now that you have products to promote, you want to start driving traffic to your sales page. When you received your affiliate link, you would have been given access to promotional material like banners, graphics and emails or sample ads. This material is great to have, but remember, hundreds of other people could potentially be using the same… Read More »