How to Build Your First Website

By | August 11, 2016

build your first websiteIn order to start any business online, you will want to have a website. However, building your first website can feel a bit overwhelming. After all, there are so many choices.

If you want to build a successful business online but haven’t built your website yet, you’re going to falling further and further behind your competitors.

Here’s how to build your first website:

#1. Determine Your Website’s Purpose

What are you going to do on the website?

How are you going to make money?

This is important because some website languages, templates and platforms are more effective for certain business models.

For example, if you’re building a theme-based website, you want to use a website building service like SitBuildIt.

#2. Choose Your Platform

Once you know what you want to accomplish with your website, it’s time to choose your website platform. There are a number of options here.

You can use website design software like DreamWeaver or Frontage. There are online courses and books to show you how to use both of these programs.

It might take you some time to build your website; however, you’ll be able to create it one hundred percent on your own.

Another option is to use your website host‘s pre-design templates. These templates are often customized and are pretty quick and easy way to get a website up.

You can also learn a website design format like Joomla which is a content management system written in PHP, a design language.

You can also use site building services that offer wizards and templates to help you customize a website for your business.

Finally, you can use a blogger platform like WordPress to build your website. And if all of this just seems like too much, you can design your website with and a pencil and paper and then hire someone to create. it.

#3. Navigation and Format

Before you create your website or someone to do it for you, you’ll want to draft your website on paper.

  • Decide what pages you want your website to have.
  • How are people going to find what they need?
  • How will they navigate your website?
  • What categories or buttons will you have?
  • How will you share your information and how will you promote your products or services?
  • Figuring all of this out before you begin creating your website will help ensure it is a success.

Build your first website is a strategic process. However, much of the work will be done on paper as you plan the purpose and layout of your website.

Once you know exactly what you’re creating, you can find the best tools to create your site and make it a reality.


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  1. Subzeroace.Com

    If you want to build something great & flexible go with WordPress. Wix & Weebly are pretty limited when it comes to design and they look somewhat “boring” ???? But that’s just my thought.

  2. Chase

    I am actually glad too glance at this web site posts which includes lots of useful facts,
    thanks for providing such information.


    Here’s how to build your first website . #1 Determine your website ’s purpose. You can also use site building services that offer wizards and templates to help you customize a website for your business.


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